Macaron Coin Purse

sew cute macaron coin purse

Just can’t help for not sewing these sweet little macaron coin purses when one of Craft Passion’s Facebook fans showed them to me. Thanks to XYZZhandmade for her inspiring handmade and some tutorial links in Japanese, this, this, this and this. No, I can’t read Japanese but I can guess from the pictures on how to sew it. Here is the English version of tutorial on how to sew this macaron coin purse where I have added more details in the sewing.

The space inside the coin purse is quite limited but good enough to place some small jewelries like ear rings, rings; may be to keep some small coins, folded money; a place to keep small piece of note that wrote your shopping list and reminder etc. Or, simply use it as a key chain or hanging ornament. Or, turn it into something enormously cute, like this.

little zipper macaron purse

I have tried both nylon and metal zipper, each gave different feel and effect on the macaron coin purse. Nylon zipper is easy to sew since you can just cut the zipper to the correct length. Zipping and unzipping is easier on nylon zipper too. Aesthetic wise, I like metal zipper though it requires more works to do. If you find zipping on metal zipper is craggy due to small circular shape, rub the zipper’s teeth with some wax or candle, then zip and unzip a few times, you will find zipping is smoother after the waxing.

mini coin purse

{CLICK HERE to get the pattern & tutorial of Macaron Coin Purse.}
{CLICK HERE to get the pattern & tutorial of Macaron Coin Purse in Chinese.}

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  1. Impossible!

  2. I would love to learn how to do it .. But the metal material where you buy? Thank you for the great idea!

    • Craft shop like Jo-Ann will have the cover button, but I bought my from a Japanese dollar store, Daiso. I am guessing that you are from Italy, probably you will need to do some asking among your country to find out where to get locally. Amazon would be another alternative if they ship to your country. Hope this help.

  3. Thank you so much for sharing.
    I´ve just made one and doesn´t look that bad. I wouldn´t believe that. Just little bit hard to open..

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  6. Can you please make me one if I paid you?!

  7. Where did you get mashi-maro zip from? It’s soo cute but I can’t seem to find it anywhere – I’d really love to use it for this project 😀

  8. Hi, my mimi supply store is here and I stock a range of macaroon aluminium bases as well as short zips and some lovely fabrics. I am a stay at home Aussie Mum who is currently living in Beijing so I have made a micro business from items I can get in this part of the world. I wanted to get your permission to be able to use this link to show people how to make the coin purse. Would it be OK? Please let me know, your work and explanations are lovely. Thanks Helen

  9. This is SO adorable! Could we not cover the entire inner lid part in fabric and rather than add the flat solid insert, have a concave top and bottom with plenty of room inside to put coins or tiny things in?

  10. Hello! This is really a wonderful tutorial! I hope you don’t mind I’m going to be posting about this on my blog. Rest assured you will be credited properly. Thank you. Stay crafty!

  11. unbelievably adorable, will definitely try and make one 😀

  12. Hi Joanne
    I love your homepage . Thank you for posting , teaching and showing your passion :) I love the macaroon project .
    I am working full time and it is hard for me to be involved in a big project and this one is perfect !!!

  13. Muito lindo Adorei. Re

    Translation (by Google):
    Very beautiful I love it. re

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  16. Thanks I’ll try to do it tomorrow.

  17. Hello and thank you for the tutorial!! I abosolutely love the macaron idea. Where did you get the fabric and what is the fabric material?

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  25. this is real cute! and here’s mine……….. 😉

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  29. Beautiful !!! Thanks, this is cute.

  30. Wow Soo cute this is.. ilove it

  31. merci pour toutes ces belles choses!!

    Translation (by Google):
    thank you for all these beautiful things!

  32. Thanks a lot for all the tutorial, going to try making one soon 😉

  33. Hi. I must say that I absolutely love your Macaron coin purse idea and tutorial. However, I am not a big crafter, mainly I make stuff for myself or friends but I liked this idea a whole lot especially as something to put a gift in; I am having trouble understanding some of the steps and am wondering and/or hoping that you would elaborate for me the process in as simplest way as you could for someone whom knows no sewing terms. Most of the steps I understood, I mainly got lost in steps 3-5 whenever you said to “Encase the seam allowance and bind it by sewing the fabric onto it,” and “Bend the binder to the bottom stop side and sew it on the zipper.” I could really use your help. Please and thank you.

  34. You’ve done it again. Love your designs. Ladies the metal part is from a covered button, which can be found in any notion department in any fabric store.

    Oh! There is also nothing that is impossible if you want to do it badly enough!!!!

    I just had to. Life is what YOU make it — no one else can do it for you, JUST YOU. Take care Joanne — please continue to design and make such cool things. By the way, these little purses would be great for little people. Bye for now.

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  36. This is so darned cute and I went sailing along thinking how simple it was and then hit a big snag when I went to sew on my zipper – too short. I had taken off 2″ from the bottom of the end of a 7″ zipper and it was then too short. I wanted to blog this cutie and link to you but sadly cannot do that. Does anyone have the EXACT length from the top of the fabric to the bottom of the zipper just how much to cut off a 7″ zipper. Thanks.

  37. I fixed my own problem and did my blog post:

    Thank you so much. Joy Dewhirst

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  41. Wow, it is cute and pretty, so well made, thanks for sharing:)

  42. Hi! I made two of these with your directions and they are super cute. I scaled it up because the buttons I found were 2 inches in diameter. Turns out a 7 inch zipper works perfectly with 2-inch buttons. I would use a zipper that is over an inch wide to allow a decent amount of room inside the finished purse. Also, when you are gathering the extra width of the zipper into a circle (which I did after covering all of the buttons), I found it helpful to place the inner button plate inside the circle before you pull it tight so that you can make sure the plate fits in there.

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  45. Hi saw your macaroon purse, went and got all my pieces but I’m missing something as I cannot get it to sit like yours. I think I’m maybe sewing the top button onto the zip incorrectly. Following your instructions but still cannot get it. HELP. I have just found this site and I love it. Have purchased socks for the sock animals.

  46. Lovely macarons !
    I made two but I’ve already given it as brithdays presents.
    I should make a lot and have a huge stock for next birthdays =)
    Anyway, thanks a lot for this tutorial !

  47. Hi…can u give me qoutation if i want to buy this coin purse for 1000 pcs??

  48. these are too cute for words, I absolutely must make at least one…

  49. Can zippers with plastic teeth be used instead of metal teeth zippers? Love these little cases & hoping the plastic teeth zippers will work – since I have a lot of them.

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